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Cabinet Refacing

Have you looked at your cabinets and thought to yourself how well made they are? Does your mind wonder if you could only change their appearance life would be grand? We have the perfect solution for you! Refacing your kitchen is a simple process to change the exterior appearance of your cabinets without all the fuss of the full remodel. We have a vast selection for you to update on style and leave you money for the dinner party for all your friends.

Showplace wood Product Highlights

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Showplace wood products offers the very best in refacing for your kitchen. Cherry, maple, oak, hickory, or alder all available woods to choose from. There are plenty of stains to choose from. If painted finishes in white, off white or other fun color tones is your thing we can do that to!

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The first thing to do is have us over for free so we can measure all your cabinets and figure out what we need so you get all the correct info. We will make a list of all the needed items and check it twice for accuracy! When you are ready to order everything will arrive about 5 weeks later and the fun begins.

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Did you know the contents in your cabinets do not need to be removed to re face your cabinets? Your kitchen should be finished in 2-3 days start to scratch! The greatest advantage to refacing is much less disruption to your daily routine. Why suffer through a 4-6 week remodel when you can do it in 2-3 days!

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Do you have a few things you want to change? Maybe you could use an island? Do you need to add a few cabinets somewhere else which you can see from the kitchen? We have you covered! We can add any new cabinets to the project to add some extra touches that do not exist at the moment. Many refacing companies do not have access to new cabinets as well. The new ones can be very simple or nearly custom to boot!

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Cabinet hardware:

Better By Design offers cabinet hardware from two respected manufacturers. Hardware Resources has 2 series to choose from. Jeffery Alexander and elements are excellent products backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Delivery typically occurs 2-3 days after ordering.

Richelieu is a luxury hardware manufacturer with a stellar reputation. We have on display hardware from both Richelieu and Hardware Resources. Come take a look and see for yourself all the beautiful choices.

Download Product PDFs: 2016_Hardware_Resources_Decorative_Catalog.pdf      Richielieu_pdf_An.pdf

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Download Product Catalogs Below

01P.Showplace.pdf     AOK Spec Guide PDF

Whether you want to go all out and organize every possible space or keep it simple we have the solution needed for you. Take a look at the videos posted and see for yourself we can do just what you need. When everything is finished no one would ever suspect you did a reface instead of a full remodel! Your friends will all be so amazed at how great your existing cabinets look with refacing from Better By Design.