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Our Custom Closet Collection

Better By Design is one of the few local kitchen and bath stores in the area that has closet solutions which are as expansive as companies like California Closets. The good news is we probably can save you some money when comparing us to the competition. We have two manufacturers to choose from with amazing selections to suit your needs. All our closet components are made in the fashion of European cabinetry. This makes the closets solutions space savers by nature! Not to mention all the closet components are backed with a limited life time warranty.

Custom Closets - Better By Design - Orange County

Would you like a bright white closet, walk in pantry or laundry area? How about a rich looking real wood that will stand the test of time… Chose from cherry, maple, alder, beech or red oak when looking for real wood. Or how about a durable melamine surface which is easy to clean and resistant to water staining.

Custom Closets - Better By Design - Orange County

Our custom closets offer you the choice of metal finish for the closet rods and other metal accessories. Do you need a good place to store your shoes? What about dirty clothes? Would a pull down ironing board be helpful? Are you looking for a place to keep your fashion accessories? Let’s get you a bank of drawers to put all those fun things away in an organized manner.

Custom Closets, Cabinets & Countertops - Better By Design - Orange County

Better By Design closets do not waist an inch of space. We utilize the corners with the latest methods to store everything you can throw at us! We also can add doors to cover up strategic things you want hidden from daily view. Walk in pantries can be a wonderful way to store things if you just had a decent way to organize. We can help you with that today. Invite us over to measure and come up with the perfect solutions today.

Custom Closets - Better By Design - Orange County

Canyon Creek closets systems are made for the person who wants to choose whether to design with frugality in mind or if you want an amazing closet that is the talk of the town. Installation is a breeze for the average joe who is good with their hands. Plan on things arriving about 6 weeks after ordering. If you need help installing all the pesky pieces of your master piece do not fret. The cabinet installers we recommend have all the tools and know how to do it just right!

Download Product Catalogs Below


CCCPBrochure.pdf      Showplace.OTB.pdf

Cabinet hardware: 

Better By Design offers cabinet hardware from two respected manufacturers. Hardware Resources has 2 series to choose from. Jeffery Alexander and elements are excellent products backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Delivery typically occurs 2-3 days after ordering.

Richelieu is a luxury hardware manufacturer with a stellar reputation. We have on display hardware from both Richelieu and Hardware Resources. Come take a look and see for yourself all the beautiful choices.

Download Product PDFs: 2016_Hardware_Resources_Decorative_Catalog.pdf      Richielieu_pdf_An.pdf

Custom Cabinet Hardware - Better By Design - Orange County

Our showroom has a closet on display for you to come see, touch, and feel. Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to see just what we can do for you. Remember it is free for us to come over and measure your space and send you a 3d design of all the things we can arrange in your space!