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What Granite Should I Chose??

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How To Decide Which Granite Is Best For You:

When you decide to add granite to your home, you might be concerned about the price. There is a notion out there that granite is extremely expensive and is a luxury. This isn’t totally true, however. Granite can be an affordable addition to your home; one that will pay you back over and over again.

There are a number of things that will have an impact on the cost of granite, and by being aware of these thing, you can easily find natural stone that will not only fit your needs; it will fit your budget, too.


The Stone

When it comes to your stone, the quality of the granite will have an impact on the price, too. The size of the slab will also affect the price. If you want to choose a more affordable route, you can choose granite tiles. Another option is to choose granite remnants, which are sometimes available from certain suppliers. These remnants might be the perfect size for a smaller countertop or vanity.

The thickness of the slab will also have an impact on the cost. Granite slabs are available in different thicknesses; 2 cm and 3 cm. In most cases, the 2 cm granite is great for the bathroom, and the 3 cm thickness is ideal for the kitchen. However, you can put a 2 cm-thick slab in the kitchen if you like. Keep in mind, however, that granite this thin is more prone to breaking if it is hit with impact.

The Origin of the Slab

It’s probably no surprise that granite is extremely heavy, which means that it is costly to ship. This cost is often included in the price of the granite. So, if you want a more affordable option, its best to choose granite that comes from the US or a country that is closer, geographically.

The Granite’s Color

Color will impact the price of granite, too. Common stones, such as white, beige, or green, are often less expensive. Rare colors, such as red or blue, are more expensive. You will also note that some colors, such as brown, are more dense thanks to the makeup of the stone. This makes it more difficult to cut, which makes it more expensive.

Edging and Finishing

You might know that there are different types of edging and finishing when it comes to granite slabs. These will affect the final cost of the granite, too. The main thing to remember when considering edging is that the more elaborate the edging is, the more expensive the slab will be. Most fabricators offer a wide range of options, so if cost is a concern, consider another edge profile. It’s similar with the finish of the slab. There are different finishes available, but some of them come at a cost.

The Design

The cost of the design can add to the total cost of the granite, too. If you choose a design that is complex, you will pay for it. For instance, if you have a number of corners or curves in your countertop, which will require more cuts, your granite would be more expensive than someone who had a straight, long countertop.