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The Counter Tops Collection

Better By Design Kitchens has the area’s best selection of countertops for you to choose from. Today’s consumer tends to be looking for style and low maintenance. The industry answered the call with quartz countertops. Quartz is a natural material but instead of being a huge chunk of stone it is crushed into a powder and mixed with resins to create a lasting countertop of beauty. We offer 6 manufacturers to choose from. There is something for everyone. We also have lots of tops on display so you can see what you like yourself! We also have you covered for natural stone. MS International is the largest distributor of natural stones in the US. Lucky for us they are located in Orange Ca to go pick out your stone!

Marble - Custom Countertops - Better By Design - Orange County

Cambria, Caesarstone and Silestone are probably the most well-known names in the industry. Countertops from these companies are for those who want the countertop made and backed by a respected business. If you are a person who likes to travel the roads less known and explore things others are not as familiar, Pental, Colorquartz, and MS International are just for you! These three companies offer well-made countertops at generally lower costs than the big three.

Quartzite - Custom Countertops - Better By Design - Orange County

Did you know you cannot seal a quartz countertop? Manufactured tops referred to as quartz will not allow a typical stone sealer to soak in. The tops are made typically with 93% quartz rocks and 7% resin. The resin binds the small rocks or rock dust together. This process makes the top so you do not need to seal it over time. Lazy cooks of the world unite!

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There are several common myths to watch out for in the world of quartz countertops. Be careful heating the countertop unevenly. Quartz countertops can crack if a high concentration of heat occurs in a small area of the stone. It is recommended to use a hot pad or other insulating materials when placing items hot off the cooktop or oven. Better to be safe than sorry. There is no warranty for cracks due to excessive heat.

Granite - Custom Countertops - Better By Design - Orange County

One other myth is that quartz countertops are guaranteed not to stain. If you take the time to read the warranty from each manufacturer they will tell you the tops are stain resistant. This is not the same thing as stain proof! It is still technically possible to stain your countertop. We recommend taking a sample you are considering and apply wine, coffee, salad dressing and anything else you love and see if it soaked in. Normally all is clear. Never hurts to see what happens.

Granite - Custom Countertops - Better By Design - Orange County
Granite - Custom Countertops - Better By Design

Installation Process

We have a very easy process for all your countertop needs. The first thing to do is know how much we need. We can figure that out from our cabinet drawings if you are doing a full remodel. If you are just looking for a countertop we can help you with that also. We will come to your house for free to measure the countertops. After doing a drawing to scale we can see how many slabs are needed. We offer the countertops by the slab. Our fabricator will contract with you directly to install the slabs chosen. Our showroom has samples of every manufacturer offered. Take a look at our displays and determine which edge profile you like. When your slabs are purchased they will be delivered to the fabricator. A template must be made of the installed cabinets to determine the cut sizes needed. The fabricator will come make the template when the project is ready. Be sure to have the sink on site when the template is made. Demolition is available if you have an old countertop in the way. 5-7 business days after the template is made they will come back to install the countertop and attach the sink to it. Make sure you have the faucet and any other accessories going thru the top so all the holes can be drilled as needed.