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Quick and Easy DIY Kitchen Projects By Better By Design Kitchens

Not all DIY Kitchen projects have to be long and labor intensive! You can make plenty of updates that won’t take your whole weekend to complete. Check out this series by Better By Design Kitchens to learn more about these easy DIY Kitchen projects!

Swap Out The Faucet

Plumbing fixtures are constantly evolving and new features are added such as touchless sensors and the ability to switch from the water stream to spray. Why not swap out that outdated faucet and replace with a new one? You don’t have to be a plumber to make this easy project. There are plenty of tutorials online that will help you. You may also contact the professional here at Better By Design Kitchens and learn more about how to install one of our kitchen sinks yourself. We offer professional kitchen sink installation, however, if you are feeling up to the task we will walk you through the ins & outs of installing it yourself.

diy kitchen projects - Kitchen Sink - BetterByDesign

Don’t forget, here at Better By Design Kitchens we have state of the art computer designing software and professional kitchen designers on staff ready to help you design your dream kitchen with the custom kitchen cabinets, custom kitchen countertops, kitchen tile, kitchen sink and additional kitchen amenities of your choice. It is easy to get started, contact us and submit your design request today!