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Kitchen Cabinets - Better by Design Kitchens

Kitchen Cabinets – Better by Design Kitchens

3 Tips to Choose & Design the Perfect Kitchen Cabinets

The Kitchen Cabinets are among the most important parts to any kitchen. When it comes to

remodeling the kitchen, this is the first element you would think of upgrading. Whether it’s a

remodel or you want to build a new kitchen, you would want to have cabinets that serve their

practical purpose well and enhance your kitchen’s looks.

The following tips should help you address the Kitchen Cabinets part of the remodel.

1. Choosing the Best Wood

You should consider the space when choosing the right wood for your Kitchen Cabinets. If you

have a smaller kitchen, you don’t want to choose something that is dark. Cherry and maple are

excellent option is you want stained cabinets. If you need painted cabinets, you should choose

maple and MDF. Hickory and walnut can also help you achieve unique looks when treated well.

2. The Style

Then you should consider what style your cabinets should have. There are two major style


 Framed Cabinets: These Kitchen Cabinets have a box with face frame. The drawers and

doors are attached to the face frame.

 Frameless Cabinets: These cabinets don’t have the face frame. The drawers and doors

are fixed to the cabinet box.

Frameless cabinets are considered practically easier to use and also give a modern look and feel

to the cabinets. However, these benefits come at the price of reduced rigidity.

3. Choose the Right Accessories

You can even customize your Kitchen Cabinets for different purposes. Some of the examples


 Larger drawers can be added for keeping baking sheets

 Pullout drawers can be added for keeping the pans

You can add organizers, built-in racks, and extras to create more efficient and practical Kitchen


So follow these innovative tips to choose and design the perfect cabinetry for your kitchen.

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