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A Guide to Different Kitchen Cabinet Designs

The right choice of cabinet style can make bring your kitchen to life. The cabinet doors play the most important role in enhancing the overall looks of the cabinets. They can be made of different materials including wood, glass and metal. If you want to make the best choice of material for the cabinet doors, the following guide is for you.

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1. Solid Wood Frames
Solid wood frames are traditional Kitchen Cabinet designs featuring cope/stick or mortise/tenon. They are made with wood species like cherry, maple and oak. The cope and stick frames are much more popular because they are more affordable. Miter joint frames are also gaining popularity. This design secures the rails and stiles using metal fasteners.
2. Solid Doors
The Kitchen Cabinet doors can also be made of solid or engineered wood. Engineered panels can be designed to look like frame and panel designs or simply used as slabs. Engineered wood panels can be finished in many ways, including:
When it comes to solid wood panels, they are made using multiple boards. The advantage of using solid wood Kitchen Cabinet doors is that they can be refinished.
The panels used can also be made using engineered or solid wood. The panels can be fixed within the frame without using nails or glue. This can help in accommodating the expansions and contractions of different seasons.
3. Glass Cabinet Doors
There are different ways glass may be used in Kitchen Cabinet. Some of the common uses include:
-Adding glass windows into the cabinet doors using muntins and mullions to hold the glass panels
-Using glass shelves along with glass doors
-Adding interior lighting with glass shelves
So if you are looking forward to remodel your kitchen, consider all these points before choosing the right material and design for the Kitchen Cabinet.


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