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Millennial Kitchen Cabinets Remodeling (Part 2)

Houzz says millennials like kitchen cabinets islands. They see the benefits of more countertop square footage, increased storage and space for shi-shi coffee machines and high-tech kitchen cabinets gadgets.

Get the most out of a kitchen island design by:

  • Installing hidden electrical outlets
  • Incorporating something useful on the end cap – open shelving for cookbooks or attractive display items, glass cabinet doors with ambient interior lining, a wine cooler, etc.
  • Extending the countertop overhang to accommodate extra seating
  • Considering whether different countertop and/or cabinet finishes might add desirable contrast.

If you don’t have room for a separate island, see if there’s room for a peninsula, which offers many of the same perks without using as much space.

contemporary kitchen cabinets remodeling - better by design kitchens

She would design a contemporary farmhouse

Here’s one the Boomers will appreciate; millennials are more likely to opt for contemporary farmhouse designs than their older counterparts. Sounds like they appreciate the homeyness of Nana’s kitchen, but with all the contemporary perks.

Contemporary features in a traditional kitchen cabinets design

He would choose quartz over granite

Millennials appreciate quartz’s durability, longevity and low-maintenance benefits, as well as its multi-faceted beauty. Once again, Houzz tells us that Millennials prioritize look and feel over price, and they’re also more apt to go outside the countertop norms, selecting butcher block or laminate options.

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