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4 Innovative Kitchen Design Ideas for a More Functional & Beautiful Effect

When it comes to Kitchen Design, everyone has a different idea of what a remodel can mean.

Some may want to have a little more storage and movement space in their kitchen, while

others may want to add more stylish cabinets and a countertop of exotic natural stone. Here

are 3 design ideas that can help you make your kitchen an even better place.


1. Add a Kitchen Island

Adding even a small kitchen island can make your kitchen much more functional. An open layout Kitchen Design can provide you some extra counter space too. There are many

advantages of adding a kitchen island:

 It adds more areas for storage space

 It adds extra seating, which increases your kitchen & home’s value

 Kitchen island is also a great space for your kids


2. Add a Multitasking Countertop

Adding a multitasking countertop can revamp your Kitchen Design and crate more space for

dining and preparing food. You can tuck stools under an extended countertop and use it for

dinner parties when needed. Choice of the right type of material for the countertop can create

a space that lasts a lifetime.


3. Add Colors

If you think your white cabinets are too bland, you can add wallpapers that create a contrasting

effect. You may even add bookshelves into the kitchen island to keep the cookbooks. You can

also add hanging bracketed shelves if you don't have much space. Use them to showcase your



4. Add a Stunning Backsplash

Adding stunning tiles can create focal point in your kitchen. A backsplash can also work as a

functional unit that makes it easy to keep your kitchen cleaner. It will protect your painted walls

or wallpaper from hard-to- remove splatter.


If you want to create a sense of more space, use some light shade on the walls. You can follow a

minimal Kitchen Design, add more light and white glass cabinet doors, white backsplash tiles,

and some light-shade stone to create the effect.


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