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3 Design Tips for an Elegant & Practical Kitchen

Your kitchen is the most functional space in your home. When it comes to Kitchen Design Orange County, good planning and an eye to detail is important. If you are going to renovate your kitchen or build a new kitchen, make sure to follow these 3 design tips.

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1. Decide Workstation Functions

The main workstations include the cook top, sink and the refrigerator. Decide how these key elements will be arranged in your kitchen. These items take most of the space and are crucial for everyday functions. The Kitchen Design Orange County should make your job in the kitchen easier and efficient.

2. Plan for More Storage

Creating storage space in your kitchen can be challenging. You should design a kitchen that makes the most of all the available space. The following tips can help you achieve this goal more effectively:

  • Choose pull-out doors and shelves
  • Design kitchen cabinets based on the items you will be using
  • Make all the items easily accessible

You should type to optimize the use of the available space. At the same time, it is important to increase the amount of empty space in your kitchen. Getting an under-counter refrigerator or choosing small dishwashers can help you create more space.

3. Finish

The finishes you choose for the different elements will help in enhancing the overall color-scheme and style. It is recommended not to choose more than 4 different materials in the overall layout. You will be using these materials for the flooring, countertops, paint, appliances, and back splashes.

Choosing light-colored cabinets can also help create a sensation of more space in your Kitchen Design Orange County. Materials such as metal, marble and glass can add a lot of depth.

So follow these 3 tips to have the perfect Kitchen Design Orange County.

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