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Quick and Easy DIY Kitchen Projects By Better By Design Kitchens

Not all DIY Kitchen projects have to be long and labor intensive! You can make plenty of updates that won’t take your whole weekend to complete. Check out this series by Better By Design Kitchens to learn more about these easy DIY Kitchen projects!

Change Out Cabinet Hardware

One of the easiest updates that packs the most punch is swapping out your cabinet hardware. Take a count of how many pulls and knobs you need as well as any inspiration pictures so you can find what you’re looking for once you get to the store. We would also recommend taking note of the “center to center”, or “CC” dimension on your current pulls. It will save you a lot of time and hassle by selecting hardware with the same dimension rather than having to patch and fill holes created by different size pulls. Usually, there is a large quantity associated with cabinet hardware in a kitchen so pay attention to the cost of the knobs and pulls. The cost can add up quick when buying 20 to 30 of each.

diy kitchen projects by better by design kitchens - new cabinet hardware

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