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Quick and Easy DIY Kitchen Projects By Better By Design Kitchens

Not all DIY Kitchen projects have to be long and labor intensive! You can make plenty of updates that won’t take your whole weekend to complete. Check out this series by Better By Design Kitchens to learn more about these easy DIY Kitchen projects!

Create A “Command Center”

Most people are always craving more organization in their life and with the kitchen being the most used room in the house, it’s easy for clutter to find a way into that space. Take an empty wall and create a “command center” for your family. This can be a place that everyone knows will have the information and/or paperwork they are looking for. The small center can have a calendar with important dates noted, a board with the week’s menu planned out, as well as wall shelves that hold any homework or papers that need to be accessed easily. Most of the materials needed for this project can be found at your local hardware store or at an arts & crafts store for under $50. Total project installation time is estimated at or around 1 hour based on the complexity and your preferences.

diy kitchen projects by better by design kitchens - command center
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