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Remodel Kitchen – Better by Design Kitchens

How to Remodel Kitchen for Creating More Space?

Every homeowner with a smaller kitchen wants to get the most out of it. Even when you are

moving to a new home with a smaller kitchen, you would want to Remodel Kitchen to increase

storage and movable space and add more features and elements. If you have a small kitchen, it

is recommended to follow these remodeling tips to make it a more practical and beautiful


1. Maximize the Storage

The pantries and cabinets define the storage space in your kitchen. When you Remodel

Kitchen, you can increase the available storage space by installing these features:

 Roll-out trays

 Tiered racks

 Double pull-out shelves

 Lazy susans

Thus, you will be able to get more space out of the same kitchen without the need for installing

more cabinets.

2. Lighter Shades Create More Space

Another way to create a sense of more space is to add lighter colors all across your small

kitchen’s elements. If there is any dark cabinetry or tiles, you can replace them with white

cupboards and marble or tiles in lighter shades. The kitchen will start feeling much larger. You

may even replace the old table with a new white one. It may work bout has counter space and

breakfast table.

3. Add Pull-out Countertops

Adding a counter extension that can be pulled out can add more space for chopping vegetables

and preparing food. You can tuck back in and have all the space you need to move around.

Thus, you can get out more from your smaller kitchen.

4. Add Smaller Appliances

Replacing the large appliances with smaller ones can further help in saving more space. You can

create more space for storage and for easier moving around. Some of the appliances you can

downgrade can include the following:

 The dishwasher

 Range/stove

 Oven

 Refrigerator

Tucking away the seating under the counter can also create more space. So if you want to

Remodel Kitchen to get more space, make sure to follow these basic tips.

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